Sunday, April 3, 2011

We're booked!!!!

YAY!!! I booked our November trip today!!

Our state tax refund was deposited the other I had the green light to go ahead and book our trip! This is our big trip with my mom and I'm very excited. I've already made a list of places to eat (my favorite part of trip planning) and discussed them with my mom yesterday and I think we have it pretty narrowed down. Still have over a month before ADR day though. I think it's pretty cool that Disney's website tells you on your profile page when you can make your ressies.

My biggest dilemma with the trip is the stroller situation. My daughter is 8, but she is small and can still semi-sorta fit. We have to bring one no matter what, for my son- he's 3. Most people would think 8 is way too old for a stroller, even in Disney. But I just took her the beginning of March for our special mother/daughter surprise trip for her birthday, and of course, no stroller. But three days in and she complained, A LOT, that her feet hurt. Part of me wants to just say "suck it up" and make her walk....but this is my vacation too and I want it to be as peaceful and stress-free as possible, and that does not include a kid complaining non-stop. She would still walk most of the time, but it would be there when she did need/want it...especially later at night when she's tired and later in the week, when everyone's feet start to get sore.

So now we just have to sit back and hope and pray for a great promo to be announced for that time. I really hope we can take some cash off our bill!


  1. I know this is a silly question- but do you think if you asked her she would say she wanted a stroller? Because if you even think she would say maybe I say bring it for your own sanity! I am not a parent but I Nannyd for a VERY long time and I feel like all the times I decided not to bring the stroller the kids wanted (or needed) it!

    Also- WOOT WOOT on booking!!!! :D

  2. Oh I know without a doubt it's a yes!!! LOL!!! I took her in March for a surprise mommy/daughter trip for her was only 5 days, including travel days, so I didn't think the walking would be a big deal...but she started complaining 2 days in. :( I think we're gonna make sure she has a couple pairs of really good shoes for walking..probably a pair of Crocs, and we'll do a lot of walking this summer to get her feet used to it.

  3. Oh cool! That's great!
    I think the strollers you can rent at Disney are pretty reasonable and sturdy too. My dd liked riding in them when she was 6.