Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food, Food, Glorious Food!

(pic is from Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show..yum, yum, and another yum!)

I love to eat. I've never ever hidden that fact. My husband often will point out that I occasionally eat more than him. Can't help it...when mama finds something good, mama wants to eat it all up!!

At home I am real good about eating healthy and watching our fat and calorie intake. My lunches and snacks during the day are usually pretty simple and boring and healthy. Dinner I go a little more fun, but still only make healthy dishes. I have several low fat/low cal cookbooks and subscribe to a fab healthy cooking magazine. I've found quite a bit of good tasting meals that are good for us.

But when we go to Disney, it's a food fest!!! I don't watch what we eat, I don't count calories...I just enjoy and indulge!!

I once read an average day in Walt Disney World has guests walking about 4 miles. That's a lot of exercise. And for me, it totally counteracts the food I eat while there. I rarely ever come home heavier and if so, maybe a pound that is quickly taken off once I get back into my normal gym routine. I work hard at the gym all year so I can indulge when we're on vacation.

So how about you?? Do you indulge on vacation or stick with your normal healthy diet (if you have one)?


  1. I definitely indulge myself when I'm on vacation! Part of being on vacation is lettin loose and not doing the same things you do at home - so why not! I also agree with you, if I am walking several miles a day (something I don't do at home) then I can afford a few extra calories or an extra dessert here and there!

  2. I indulge on vacation, but I also exercise on vacation. So it works out.

    Glad you got to enjoy all the fun.

  3. DH wanted to exersize when we stayed at Coronado Springs, since there was a gym...yeah...that never happened!

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  5. Three words and an ampersand: Food & Wine Festival.

    'Nuff said! :)

  6. Yes Dan, we do all that when at home...but on vacation..there is no worrying or counting! :)

    LOVE F&WF!! We arrive this year the saturday fo the last weekend...thinking it will be really crazy busy we probably won't go. :(