Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dates and resort is chosen!!!

My mom and dad have decided to come to Disney with us in November....finally!! I took my mom in 07 for her first trip ever, and she adored it, of course! We've been trying to get my dad to go and it was always "no" and really no we let it go. But back a few months...I brought it up again and it wasn't a flat out "no". After that he said "If you buy the tickets, I'll go." That was his way of saying "Yes, I want to go." :) And when we talked about it last weekend, he seemed this is good!!!!

The time to go was very important. Dad is not a fan of crowds or lines, so it was pertinent that I choose a week that was low crowds. I belong to Touring Plans so right away I checked the crowd calender. We decided on November. My mom really wants to see Disney World all done up for Christmas, and after our experience last year, we decided not to go in December. So November it was, since the parks are all decked out by the 9th or so when Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party begins. Decided it best to wait until after Jersey week, when the crowd calender predicts lower crowds. Normally we go mid week to mid week (for the best airfare), but with my dad's vacation and the crowd calender, we decided to go Sat-Sat. Hopefully air won't be horrendous.

So dates are set...on to the resort. We have not booked anything yet, but that will be soon!! Originally we were thinking All Star Movies. We know we're doing just makes most sense for us. And my dad would probably love the Herbie section. But our December trip was an All Star resort and my little surprise getaway with my daughter the beginning of March was an All Star resort. The bus service is really not awesome. It is fine, but annoying to have to stop at every All Star resort. I guess it's not much different than staying at one of the huge moderates with multiple bus stops, but still. So we talked to my mom and she agreed Pop Century will be better, even though she has already stayed there. It will be a better bus experience for my dad.


  1. Wow. I haven't been to DisneyWorld since the late 70s. I guess things have changed a lot. Have fun!!

  2. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party is amazing. Every princess is with her prince then. Don't forget to stop by Hollywood Studios for The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It's fantastic. Need park advice, just ask me. But you seem to gave it covered.


  3. I love that picture! I've never stayed at one of the resorts. I always stayed off-site. I think the next time we go, that's what we'll do.

    Touring Plans? I'll have to check that out too.

  4. LOL Connie!! They are always changing soemthing!! My first trip was in 2000 and I am always amazed at how much it's changed in just 11 years!!

    Stephanie, staying on property is so much fun!!!! if you do a value resort, it's pretty comparable to off-site hotels, pricewise. We fly in, so if we stayed off property, we'd have to rent a car. Disney resort guests get to use their transportation system for free!! Touring Plans is a great site...though you do have to pay and become a member to get the full year's crowd calender. But it's great info!! Plus they have plans for the parks to help you maximize your time!

  5. You must be so excited! And good choice w/ Pop since it's the freshest refurb. :) Your dad's going to love it!!

  6. Thanks! Yes, we are!!! I think it's going to be really fun!!