Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boy do I need to get away!

This pic was taken while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Hubby recently told me we really need to go on a vacation alone again. I couldn't agree more. I think back to this trip in April 2010, just the two of us, kids at home with Grandma and Grandpa, and I remember how peaceful it had been. So relaxing. Just us...recharging.

I have days too where I wish I could just go away by myself or a few one asking me to do this or that, no household chores, no responsibilities...a few days to be completely selfish and worry about no one but me. I never used to think I could take a solo Disney trip....but I so totally think I would love it. Taking time to explore the things only I want to do. No one asking me to hurry so we can go do something. Being able to just sit and relax if I want, when I want.

It's been a rough few months around here and some days the stress just gets to me. Wish i was in Disney!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The trip is still a go! For now, at least

Well, me, hubby, and the kids are most definitely going. It's just my mom and dad I am not sure of.

We were all supposed to go this past November, but because of some medical issues, my parents had to back out.Instead of canceling, I just postponed the trip a year. My mom really wants to go when the parks are decked out for the holidays and we have to go in November because she cannot take time off in December.

Anyway, so I rebooked at the new art of animation resort...a Cars suite. so looking forward to it!! But I've had the sinking feeling that they were gonna back out again. My dad's health issues are somewhat better, but it was more than that. i really just had a feeling they did not want to go anymore. Or at least, my dad didn't want to go anymore. I need to know though. And semi-soon. If they're not going, we would probably switch our dates and we'd need to stay somewhere else. We can't afford the suite all by ourselves. Plus, dining ressies will be mid May.

So I chatted with my mom about it the other day. My dad still has concerns, but as of now, they are still in. But they want to shorten the trip by two days, 6 instead of 8. Hubby wants to stay a couple extra days just us and I so want that too...but when I told my mom we might do that, she seemed like she wasn't happy about it. I think they want us to fly with them, there and back, so they have guidance. But I'm the time we go it will have been a LOOOOOOONG time since our last trip and I don't think 6 days will be enough. I could make it enough...but will I want to???