Thursday, February 7, 2019

Disney Quick Service Dining plan!

I love to eat. I find zero shame in admitting that. And I especially love to eat in Disney World! The Disney Dining Plan has made eating very easy! Here are 4 reasons why I love the Quick Service Dining Plan!

1- SAVES TIME! For shorter Disney trips, we like to soak up every minute we can and use them to our fullest ability. Counter meals are just faster, especially if you dine during off times. We usually eat early lunches. Most counter places open at 11, some are 11:30. We get there right after opening. The lines are short and we have no trouble getting a table. Same with dinner. We'll shoot for 4:30-5 ish, after the lunch crowd has dined and the dinner crowd isn't ready. We can be in and out in maybe 45 minutes, as opposed to the hour and a half it takes at most sit down restaurants.

2- YOU GET MORE! I've done the math. Even if we all ordered the cheapest meal, shared drinks, skipped dessert (or at least only treated ourselves occasionally) we don't come out ahead of what the Quick Service plan costs. I don't know about you, but I would much rather spend the same amount of money and get MORE! Especially now that the plans include an alcoholic beverage with every meal!

3- RESORT MUG! Yep! Even the Quick Service plan comes with a refillable resort mug for every guest on the plan! It is only fillable at your resort, but it is definitely a great perk!

4- SNACKS! For me, a Disney trip is special because of all the fun treats I don't get to experience at home. Dole Whips, Mickey Bars, Smoothies, Floats, every awesome treat in World Showcase! There are a thousand different things to try and you get to try one every day of your trip!

So...what do you think? Have you done the Quick Service Dining Plan before? Would you do it again? What's your favorite use of a snack credit???

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Little ones at Disney World!

Taken in September 2009. My daughter was 6 and my son was 20 months :)

Many parents state they are not taking their children to Disney World until they are old enough to remember it all. This seems kinda silly to me. Kids who are 1 or 2, even 3, don't remember anything from that age, so any vacation they're taken on will be a long forgotten trip. So why not go to Disney?

To me, vacations are all about family bonding, fun, togetherness, enjoying each other without the responsibilities of home, whether it's an amusement park, a beach, camping, historical sites, museums, parks. The point is to be together and have fun. And young children aren't going to remember playing in the sand or roasting marshmallows either.

Here are 4 great reasons to take your young kids to Disney World!

#1- Disney knows how to cater to families. 

We've done family vacations to other places...not so easy. The restaurants aren't entertaining and the kids get bored. It's not always easy to find a bathroom or somewhere to change a diaper or nurse a baby. People give you dirty looks if your kid cries or throws a little tantrum. Strollers are frowned upon and often hard to maneuver in many places. And if you've ever tried to take a stroller on a sandy beach, you know it's nearly impossible! Disney makes traveling and touring with kids so easy...effortless. Which allows parents more time to relax and enjoy themselves.

#2- Compared to other amusement parks, Disney does it right when it comes to families and small children. 

If you go to any Six Flags or other similar park, you're lucky if you find 2-3 family friendly rides. Mostly they have thrill rides or rides just for small children. There is rarely anything parents and kids can enjoy together. The majority of Disney attractions are family friendly. We even took our son on most things when he was only 9 months old. Obviously the roller coasters are out, and a few others, but Disney knows how to make attractions and Broadway-style shows that families can enjoy together.

#3- Money and the money-saving aspects of taking young kids to Disney. 

This is the only time you can take them to Disney World and not pay for them. Once the kids turn 3, they need a park pass. And if you decide to do the Disney Dining Plan, you need to pay for a plan for them, too. When the kids are under 3, all you pay for is the adults and kids 3 and up. 

#4- Memories.

The kids will not remember it...we already established that. They won't remember anything from that age. But you as a sure will remember it, and remember the smiles on their faces going on fun rides for the first time and experiencing it together. You will have pictures of your toddler with Mickey and Donald, excited and happy with a pure joy that wanes as kids get older. You will remember how it it felt to sit in front of the castle at night as fireworks explode above, cradling your sleeping child in your arms.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


In my opinion, you can't go to Disney World and NOT buy anything. Most trips I have to really control myself and not buy every single awesome thing I see....which is very difficult because there are awesome things EVERYWHERE!! But over the years I have become really skilled at asking myself if I really need something before I buy it. Will I actually use it at home, or will it collect dust?

So here's my list of the best souvenir buys for your next Disney vacation!

* Photo Albums
I am a huge fan of photos. Always have been. And I need them printed and in albums. We usually get Memory Maker so I can have all the fun photos. I buy a photo album (or two!) every trip. Usually I buy the one with the year on it. I display all the albums on a shelf in my living room. They're so pretty!

* Ornaments 
I just started this a few years ago. It started simple with one ornament with the year on it. And well..... Now I buy like 5 or 6 every trip. I love all the fun ornaments they have! I have the show, ear hat, and purse collections!

* Jewelry
I have a few pieces I've bought during our trips. They're not expensive pieces, but I love them. I love wearing them :) My favorite is a necklace that says "Love" in rhinestones with a tiny Mickey head off the "L".

We all have a kitchen at home. We all use dishes. So this is definitely a souvenir that gets used. I have a few mugs, some kitchen clips, a set of vintage Disney glasses, a Mickey pancake mold. There's a set of Mickey flatware I've had my eye on for a couple years, but have yet to actually buy it.

* Sweatshirt 
Where I'm from, it's cold for many months out of the year. And even in the warm months, it's chilly at night. So we own sweatshirts...lots of them. Disney sweatshirts are pricey, but they're good quality and we get lots of use out of them.

* Pressed Pennies
I got kind of obsessed about this one for a while ;) Disney has Pressed Penny machines all over it's property. Don't know what a Pressed Penny is? Basically the machine takes your penny...and 50 cents... and squishes it. When it come out it has a new picture pressed into it. All kinds of pictures, from Mickey and friends to princesses, to attraction logos and other fun stuff. They even sell books to hold all your pennies. I have a few. I counted once. I think I had over 300 different pennies just from Disney World. And there were tons I hadn't gotten. The machines are easy to spot. Make sure you have tons of quarters on you and nice shiny pennies.

So what are your favorite souvenirs??

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Disney is only for kids??? NO WAY!!!!!

So far, I have visited Disney World, Disneyland, or sailed on the Disney Cruise line without my children 8 times. And let me tell was awesome!

There is a HUGE misconception that Disney vacations are only for families with kids. That is SO not true! There are so many amazing things to do that aren't even designed for kids. And yeah...we have a ton of fun doing the kid stuff without them, too!

So here's a list of awesome things to experience without the kids!

~ Epcot's World Showcase.  Let's be real here. Despite Disney's efforts, World Showcase is just not that exciting for the kids. My kids have always enjoyed it. They loved exploring each country and it's shops. They love filling their passports and participating in the KidCot stations and the Agent P Adventure, but many do not. During the trip with just me and my mom, we spend an entire day in World Showcase, eating, browsing, seeing all the films. It was an amazing day. With my hubby, we try all the fun drinks. I love the atmosphere. I love to just sit and relax and soak it in.

~ Bars, Lounges, and Beverage Stands. I openly admit I enjoy adult beverages, and Disney has some amazing ones in 3 of their parks- Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. (Magic Kingdom is a dry park except for the sit down restaurants.) Plus all the unique options at Disney Springs and the resorts. So many fun options! And how about the Disney Cruise Line? They really have some great places with yummy offerings!

~ Adult Only Pools on the Disney Cruise Line. Yep. Every Disney ship has pool areas only for adults, where you can rest and relax in the sun and some drinks, and no kids.

~ Adult Only Entertainment on the Disney Cruise Line. There are all kinds of shows and games that are only for adults. Trivia, interactive games, comedians, etc. SO much fun!

~ Signature Dining Experiences. There are restaurants at Disney World and on the Disney Cruise line where children are not allowed. Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian is for those 10 and over only. Also, Remy and Palo on the Disney Cruise Line are for adults only.

~ Tours. Oh my! So many fun tours to do, and many are not for kids or only for those 12 and up! Backstage Magic, Keys to the Kingdom, Backstage Magic Trains tour, Epcot Sea Adventures, Wilderness Back Trail Adventure, plus many more! On the Disney Cruise Line there are several port adventures that young children are not allowed to participate in.

In general, we enjoy going without our kids because we can go at our own pace, sit and relax instead of running off to the next attraction. We don't mind waiting in long lines because we don't have kids complaining or in need of entertaining. There's no one complaining about the heat or how much their feet hurt. There's no one asking for every souvenir they see. We can ride Tower of Terror 10 times in a row if we want (though we only made it to 5). We can eat at all the unique places without worrying if they have something the kids will like.

But with all that said, every time I'm there without my kids, I can't wait to plan the next trip so we can have a great family adventure :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Character Autographs!

One of the most fun--and most inexpensive--things for kids to do in Disney is collect character autographs! Almost every character they encounter will be more than happy to scribble their name for you. Some even drawn pictures! And it makes the whole meet n greet experience even better.

Most importantly, you need an autograph book! They are sold in every gift shop on Disney property. There are simple books filled with blank pages. They hold the most autographs. Or there are photo/autograph combo books. These are the ones I like! One side has a blank page for signing, the other a clear sleeve for you to place a photo of you and the character. These books do hold less autographs though. There are lots of other options for autograph books, if you don't want one from Disney. There are tons of websites that sell them. There are even hand-made ones on sites like etsy. Or a fun notepad works, too. If you want to get creative, make your own!!

Next, make sure you have a signing implement on hand. Something thick works best, like a Sharpie or fat pen. Characters sometimes have a hard time holding small pens, pencils, or markers.

After you've waited patiently in line and it's your turn, have your book open to the page you'd like the character to sign on and hand them your pen or Sharpie. Face characters (like princesses, who do not have a full mask or "head") will often ask your name and chat while they sign. It's a fun experience. They always do autographs first, then pose for photos.

An FYI...certain characters do not sign autographs because they are physically unable, like Mike and Sully, Buzz Lightyear, Baymax, and Beast.

Young kids, maybe up to age 4, don't really "get" what's going on with autographs. I suggest waiting until they are older and really understand. My daughter had no interest until she was five. She noticed other kids getting autographs and just had to do it too! Not to say some younger kids won't be interested, but honestly, if they are real little, it might be better just to focus on them meeting and interacting with the characters.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Why I love the Disney Dining Plan!

There is tons of debate on the web as to whether or not the Disney Dining Plan is worth it. In my opinion, it varies from person to person and their individual vacationing style. I personally love it, and here are my reasons why!

- It's all paid for ahead of time.

The Disney Dining Plan is a package addition and needs to be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival. That means all my food is paid for and I don't have to worry about it when I'm there. I've done trips without it and honestly, it's a big pain to pay for my food every time and worry about not going over budget. (PS- gratuities for tase service restaurants are not included. That needs to be paid at the time of service.)

- Snacks!

One of the most fun parts is all the great snacks you can try. Pretty much anything under $6 is considered a snack credit on the dining plan and there are so many wonderful things. You can even use snack credits for items during the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

- The ability to order the most expensive meal on the menu and not feel guilty for spending that much $ on one meal.

I'm a money-saving budgeter. Even when I try to splurge and not think about the cost, I do. I can't help it! But when we have the Disney Dining Plan, I can order anything I want with no worries.

- I like to save $.

The Disney Dining Plan can definitely save you some money. Many will say it doesn't for them, and that is true. If you are a light eater and share meals, don't like to order dessert, or if character and family style all-you-care-to-enjoy type of meals do not appeal to you, the plan is not the best option. But we love to eat! And we love buffets and family-style meals. If you have kids aged 3-9, you definitely save a nice chunk of money! The kids plan is really cheap! And new for 2018, adults aged 21 and over can order an alcoholic beverage with every meal! That's a great perk!!

And if you need a quick run down of what the Disney Dining Plan is, here you go!

There are 3 plans to choose from:

The Quick Service Dining Plan includes 2 counter meals per night of your trip for each person on the reservation, as well as two snacks per night and a refillable mug for the resort’s beverage station. Counter meals consist of a non-alcoholic or specialty beverage, or an alcoholic beverage for guests over 21 years of age, and an entrée. These meals are ordered at a podium and are ready within a few minutes. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants with varied cuisines. Snack credits can be used on a variety of things, such as popcorn, soft pretzels, ice cream bars, beverages, coffee, etc…

The Disney Dining Plan includes 1 table service meal per night, 1 quick service meal per night, 2 snacks per night, and a refillable mug for the resort’s beverage station. Table service meals include most character meals, buffets, and a la carte restaurants all around Disney’s parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. Meals include a non-alcoholic or specialty beverage, or an alcoholic beverage for guests over 21 years of age, and an entree and dessert. Gratuity is not included. Guests must pay that separately. Signature meals use two table service credits. Quick service meals are ordered at a counter and when ready, presented on a tray. They include a non-alcoholic or specialty beverage, or an alcoholic beverage for guests over 21 years of age, and an entrée. There are many locations all around the Disney property. Snack credits can be used on a variety of things, such as popcorn, soft pretzels, ice cream bars, beverages, coffee, etc…

The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan includes 3 meal credits per night of the package that can be used for either counter meals or table service, as well as 2 snacks per night and a refillable mug for the resort’s beverage station. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Top 5 Thrill Rides!

I'm a big fan of thrill rides!! How about you??? Here are my top 5 Disney World thrills!!!

Tower of Terror

The second you walk up to the Hollywood Tower Hotel inside Disney's Hollywood Studios park, you know something isn't quite right. The ambiance is creepy, the place is a mess. You shouldn't be there, but you keep moving toward it. And you know you're in for something scary. Once you're seated in your elevator, anticpation swirls because you don't know what's going to happen!

If you don't know, Tower of Terror is a drop ride, but this one goes up and down multiple times with no rhyme or reason. It's all random. Every ride is different. One second you're free-falling, the next, shooting back up. Non-stop thrills!

Rock n Roller Coaster

Combine a super fast car with blaring rock n roll and twists and turns in the dark and you have Rock n Roller Coaster, the second thrill on our list from Hollywood Studios. Visit the "band" at the recording studio then dash off to their concert.

Your ride begins by speeding zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, flattened to your seat as Aerosmith tunes blare from the speakers. Zoom through a florescent city illumintaed with black lights as your stretch limo swirls through corkscrews, then finally dropping you off at the red carpet, hair a mess, heart racing.

Space Mountain

Travel through space at lightning speed! Board your spaceship and blast off through the sky, dotted with a million stars. You're in space and it's dark, so you can't see the dips and turns coming. It's non-stop thrills as you fly through the galaxy. All you can do is hold on!

Space Mountain is a classic Disney attraction, having opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1975, just a few years after the park opened. Despite it's age, it's still one of the most thrilling rides on property.

Flight of Passage

Pandora is a beautiful land, filled with unique plantlike and animals. What better way to explore it than by soaring on the back of a Banshee? And actually feel it breathing underneath you! Join the Na'Vi as you fly fast and slow, over hills and oceans, mist in your face, soaking in everything that makes up the amazing planet of Pandora.

Flight of Passage is an immersive experience, similar to Soarin' at Epcot, but way more intense. This is Disney's best display of 4D thrills. You feel like you're there, a part of Pandora!

Expedition Everest

As you enter Anandapur, an eerie feeling decends over you. Something's been here and it wasn't very happy. But you brave the wilderness anyway in search of the Yeti. High up in the Himalayan mountains, you board a train with your team and gear, ready to face him. But he finds you first, and doesn't like that you're there!

Expedition Everest is a great coaster filled with hills and turns, broken pieces of track, thanks to the Yeti. He sends you falling backward in the darkness through the mountain, an amazing coaster experience.