Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's official :(

My mom gave me the official word....the November trip is off.

I told her we can rebook for next November and she was good with that. They have no idea how my dad and his neck pain will be a cuple months from now and they needed to make some kind of decision. I was expecting this, but that didn't make it any easier.

So yesterday I got online and canceled all our dining reservations...and that was so depressing. Then I called the Disney Travel Company to change the reservation for the same week next November (my mom really wants to go at Christmas time, so that's why we're waiting a whole year). And they were only booking through November 6th. So I have to wait a couple weeks and call back. I was hoping to get the new Art and Animation resort, but the single rooms will not be opening until December 2011 and I am not sure I want to stay in a suite (it will cost us more money and I'm not sure it's worth it).

Monday, June 13, 2011

:( I hate when Disney changes things!

It's been almost a month since I made our ADRs (Advanced Dining reservations) for our November trip. I'd planned which days to go to which parks based on Disney's calender and the info on Touring Plans. I had it all set. Everything was perfect!

And then I happened to check the calender today on Disney's site...they changed things around on me.

One thing we learned a while back was to NOT go to Hollywood Studios on a day they were showing Fantasmic. It's only shown twice a week (usually), so when it is shown, guests flock to the park. We are not huge fans of the show and usually skip it, but many other people love it. A busy park is not really fantastic for us. It means we have to wait longer for our favorite attractions.

And with the changes Disney made, it also made Touring Plan's suggestions different.

Usually it would be no problem to change around our schedule.....BUT I had all our dining set. So I went in and checked to see if I could get the restaurants we wanted if I switched around the days a bit...and guess what.....everything was available! I was so so excited!!!! One of our reservations has to be a bit earlier than we'd like, but I think it will be fine.

Now I just have to sit back with fingers crossed, hoping we do not have to cancel because of my dad's medical issues. And cheaper airfare....that would be nice too!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Attraction Spotlight! Peter Pan's Flight!

This ride really does bring back some awesome memories. I had gone to Disneyland with my mom and stepdad when I as 12. Peter Pan's Flight is the only thing I can really remember going on. That and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride..but at the time, it meant nothing to me...I hadn't read the book yet.

So every trip we take to Disney World, I just have to go on it! We always get a Fastpass...I really don't want to wait in that horrendous line. And there always seems to be one!

I love the pirate ships you sail in and that they hang from the track. I love that you can't see it and you really do feel like you are soaring through the sky with Peter! One of my favorite parts is sailing over tiny London, all the houses lit in the night.

Then you fly over that my daughter points at the mermaids, every time, and says "There's Ariel!" It's really not Ariel, but there is one with red hair and pruple shells!

And then, of course, the big fight on Captain Hook's ship and Peter and the kids saving the day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thrifty Tips Tuesday

One thing people need to save money on is travel expenses. The prices of gas have made any option just sickening. hurts my stomach when I look up a quote for round trip tickets for me, hubby, the two kids, and for this upcoming trip, my parents, too. 6 round trip tickets are close to $2000!!! That is insane.

So just how do you save money on travel expenses??

Many people have chosen to drive wherever they go instead of flying. I personally am not a big fan. I get car sick (mainly headaches, if I do too much. I kinda have to just sit reading or games, or anything. Even reading too many roadside signs will make my head hurt, which turns into nausea.)

But anyway, for many, the drive is a fun-filled adventure. They bring games and movies, music...they pack some food..have a picnic or two along the way. All they need to pay for is gas...couple tanks and they're in Florida. It's a really intriguing option if you're within a 10-12 hour drive. But if you live further away, it's a bit more difficult. Many people opt to drive half-way and stop for the night at a hotel. That adds probably about $75-$125 to your cost each way (depending on your hotel preference). But still.....spending $600 on travel expenses is a lot less than $2000.

Unless you're like me and cannot stand to take that long to get there and then come home!! :)

Over the last few years, we have flown only discount airlines: Jetblue, Southwest and Airtran (which has now been bought by SW). These airlines consistently have the lowest fares and least amount of fees. Southwest allows it's travelers two checked bags for free, and Jetblue allows one. Every other major airline will charge you $20 per bag, per way. I watch the websites daily, waiting for the prices to drop so I can take advantage of an awesome deal. Lately, the deals haven't been coming as much as they used to, but still, the prices are better than the major airlines.

Southwest has a program you can download (Ding!) that alerts you when your fares drop. I know there are other services on other websites, too.

Good luck!! I'd love to hear your ways to save money on traveling!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'd accepted it, but now I'm not so sure...

I'd made all our plans for November...did our dining reservations a couple weeks ago. Southwest was gearing up to open their fare schedule...and then my parents dropped the bomb.

They might not be able to go. My dad has been having some health issues (which I knew nothing about cause they often don't share that stuff with me or my brothers) and they needed results on an MRI before we could go forward with our vacation plans.

Of course, my first reaction was "Oh my God! I hope my dad is okay and he doesn't have cancer and this is just some minor medical thing that will blow over and be fixed asap!!!!" And then, of course, as a Disney addict who's been visiting the World 1-2 times each year for the past 6 years, I was sad at the possibility of having to cancel our trip to my happy place. I was SOOOO excited that my dad had finally agreed to go. I was elated to share my favorite place with him and my mom for the second time. Maybe he would finally understand why we keep going back year after year and stop giving me flack! LOL!! It was so much more than a trip to Disney, it was going to be this great family extravaganza.

So if there really is something wrong with my dad's health, I just don't think me and hubby and the kids can still go. It just wouldn't feel right.

So I've accepted the fact that we will have to cancel and have made peace with it. Me and hubby have talked about what we will do if that happens. In my mind, I was all okay with it.

Til today. And coming to my Disney blog and seeing pictures. Now I'm not so okay with it.