Friday, July 22, 2011

Attraction Spotlight: The Haunted Mansion

The other day my daughter had asked what our favorite attractions were in each park. She started with Magic Kingdom, and while most people jump right to one of the Mountains, I don't. 

My first experience at a Disney park was in 1989..I was 12 and my mom and step-dad took us to Disneyland. We really didn't know much Disney stuff at the time, other than the movies we had seen. We went on The Haunted Mansion.

Holy Cow! I was blown away!

The attraction is so awesome and authentic...the spiderwebs and dust. The creepy eyes on the wall, the shadow playing the piano, the long corridor with the floating candelabra!! The decor is so cool, even the wallpaper in the queue area. The ballroom scene, just amazing. It's still my absolute favorite part (though now that they've added the attic scene...that ranks pretty high. So much to see in there!). Your Ghost Host (so creepy!), the cemetery (love the music out there...I gotta sing along every time!), the hitchhiking ghosts!! So so cool. I love it when we get an awesome cast member who really takes on their role perfectly!!!

The atmosphere around the mansion is just so love love it! It's one of my favorite areas in the entire park. When we attended Mickey's Not So scary Halloween party in October 2009, we had our picture taken with the carriage and a ghost showed up in our pics! So neat! Love Photopass and their magic shots!

I am super excited to see the new queue. Sad that I have to wait an entire year, but it will be worth the wait, I'm sure.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Last week I called Disney Travel and canceled our reservation for November 2011 and rebooked for November 2012!

I've been posting about my dad's medical issues and the lack of knowing what is actually wrong and if/when it will be fixed. So they decided it best to cancel our trip to Disney this coming November. It was going to me me and my hubby and our two kids and my mom and's first trip ever I was so super excited that he'd FINALLY agreed to try it out.

When I originally called to change the dates, I couldn't because the booking window had not reached our dates yet. My mom really wants to go when it's all decked out for Christmas, but her job will not allow her time off in December. So the week before Thanksgiving it was. So we kept the same week.

AND the most exciting part....we get to stay at the brand spanking new Art of Animation resort!!!!!!! I booked us a Cars suite!! So so excited!! It's costing us about $530 more versus two single rooms at Pop Century, but I am so so excited. And since we have to wait an entire year, it gives us more time to pay it off.