Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Morning person or night owl??

At home, I am most definitely a night owl. I just cannot seem to get myself in bed before 11:30-12, on a weeknight. Sometimes I try but if I am not tired and ready to conk out, I lay there awake, much longer than I would have if I'd just stayed up an extra half hour.

But in Disney, boy is that all different!!!

I am always up early and out of bed minutes after the wake-up call. (At home, I lay in bed trying to force my eyelids open, sometimes for a half hour.) For days we want to get to the parks before rope drop, I set the wake-up call for 6:30. I get everyone up and start getting myself ready. I get the kids breakfast, finish my prepping, then get the kids ready. We are out the door by 7:45.

Hubby will sometimes stop by the food court to refill his mug, but if not, we proceed directly to the bus stop. Sometimes we have to wait a while, but most of the time, we are on a bus by 8:10-8:15, and the bus is usually near empty. Which is great when you have two kids, a double stroller and a few bags.

We get to the parks before most and we are usually first in line at the turn-style (which I love!) Magic Kingdom has my absolute favorite welcome show and I have to see it every trip. My eyes always tear and I am filled with uncontrollable joy! It's usually our first morning...we always go to Magic Kingdom our first full day. Pic above is me and the kids before the hordes of people got there, when you could still get a decent pic in that spot.

We do not stay late at the parks. Our kids don't really nap anymore, so the chances of them still being chipper past 8 are slim. We usually eat dinner between 5-6:30ish, then after that do one or two more things, then head back to the resort. Some nights we might swim or something, but usually, that is just our time to unwind, the kids get baths and maybe watch a little TV. I empty out the stroller, diaper bag, and my little backpack purse and get them all ready for the next day. I shower, write in my travel journal and then turn in. Lights in our room are usually out by 10 at the latest! Hubby will keep the TV on for a little while, but usually not long.


  1. I can not wait to take my boys to Disney!! We're hoping next year or the year after. We have some MAJOR saving to do. :)

  2. Sounds like you guys have it down pat!
    I am also an early Disney bird! But we have yet to make it to rope drop! lol!

  3. Oh, Melissa, you so need to!!! Not so much Epcot, but the welcome show at Magic Kingdom is just magical!!! the one at Animal Kingdom is cute, but not somehting we need to see every time. And Hollywood Studios is cool. They used to pick people standing in line to participate and my mom and I got to do it!! So so awesome!!!