Sunday, January 16, 2011

I kind of have this obsession...

Yes...I'm one of those people. Disney nerd, Disneyphile, give me your best...I've heard them all! And I don't care.

I used to though.

Back in 05, my mother-in-law had the idea to go to Disney World at Christmas time. She'd pay for our airfare as our Christmas presents that year. My daughter was 2-1/2. Seemed like a good time to go, so we said we were in. I had been to Disneyland in California back when I was 12, and had only been to "the World" once before, with hubby in 2000. Just us, before we had kids. It was just one of the things I wanted to do before having kids (along with another cruise, which we did do in 2001). We didn't stay on property then, didn't know you even could. We got a great deal on park passes and an off-site hotel. We got a steal of a rental car from Priceline- Name Your Own Price. And air was pretty cheap. We had a lot of fun.

But the trip in 05, that changed it all. I did my research. I bought some travel books. I planned our days. The whole planning process was so much fun! And when we got there, it far exceeded what I'd remembered. And I had been bit by that Disney bug!

Since then, we have returned six times. Most of those as a family, but one trip was just me and the hubby, one just me and my mom. Can't help it...I love it. I'd go every other month if I could!

But not everyone in my life shared my excitement. It started to really annoy me when someone would say "You're going there AGAIN?" or "Aren't you sick of that place?" I'm the kind of person who sticks with the mantra: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. So I just stayed quiet, while inside wanting to say, "But you go to Vegas every year- a place where prostitution is legal and people blow thousands of dollars gambling, but Disney isn't worthy of a yearly visit?"

But it's been a few years and I think people have finally accepted the fact that I am obsessed, it's my's just me.

So sit back and share in my obsession with me!


  1. LOVE IT! Great start! How exciting! Can't wait to read along! :)

  2. Stephanie, welcome to the Disney blogosphere! I'll be sure to follow your contribution. So, as your profile begs the question, when is the next trip?

  3. Thanks Melissa!!!

    DOC, the next trip is a little up in the air! We are trying to convince my parents to come along, and if they do, my mom wants Christmas time. But we'd go early- probably mid- November, to skip the crowds! If they don't go, we will probably push it to the end of January 2012.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by!!