Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you do pin trading???

This last trip we dove into the wonderful world of Pin Trading. Well, our daughter did.

Back in April, my husband and I took a trip to Disney all by ourselves (wonderful!!) and one of the souvenirs we bought home for our daughter was a starter pin-trading set. She'd been doing autographs for a couple years and we could tell she was "over" it. We hadn't done pins yet...autographs had been enough- one thing at a time- and it seemed kinda pricey. But then after visiting my favorite online community, Passporter, and found that authentic Disney pins could be bought on ebay for a fraction of the cost (Sweet!), we decided to try it.

And she loved it!! She was shy at first, but then she got the hang of it and really enjoyed it. It was a challenge to find all of a certain set. We got her a book to keep her pin collection in. For future trips, we'll get some pins from ebay and she can trade for pins to add to her collection.

We did stop by the pin store at Downtown Disney too. They have SOOOOOOO many awesome pins...ones that I would never ever want to trade!! I bought myself a Tower of Terror pin...a Hollywood Tower Hotel Key pin that I put on my little backpack purse. My daughter bought a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pin, her favorite ride, and also a mystery box. Overall, we were very happy with our first pin-trading experience!!

So, do you do pin trading?? Any secrets or tips for us???


  1. do you find others with pins and then ask them to trade?

  2. Most of the pin traders wear a lanyard with their pins. You can trade with other park guests, but we've found it best to trade with the cast members. Most of the cast members have pins to trade and they let you pick anyone you want and give them any one you want. Where if you trade with another guest, you'd have to let them pick one of yours and they might want one that you don't want to give away.

    It was fun and I think it helped Jaden to open up a bit and not be so shy.