Thursday, February 17, 2011

The waiting game!!!

So so hard..especially when you're waiting for a Disney vacation to start!!

For me, the trip planning process always seems to start with a whirlwind. As soon as I find out the trip is a our upcoming trip in November that my parents (especially my dad) have finally decided to take with us, I go crazy. We're 9 months away from the trip and I am already planning which days to go to which parks, possibilities for dining, checking on flights. This usually lasts til ADR day. By then, everything is kinda set in stone. I rarely change ADRs once they've been made. Once air is booked, and we usually do Southwest, I keep an eye just to see if fares drop so I can get a credit, but other than that, the trip planning stage is done.

Years ago, I used to make detailed itineraries and would spend the rest of the waiting time perfecting them. Now, I'm not talking down to the minute type stuff, but a list of attractions and what order, when to get Fastpasses, when to eat, when to go get a parade spot. It was a basic guideline that we usually deviated from, but it was a security blanket. I just had to have it. But I don't do it anymore. I do type up a mini itinerary for each day, but it's very basic- which park, dining confirmation # and time, if there are any shows we want to see and their times. We know the parks now...we know what stuff we can skip, and what ones are important and need to be redone several times each trip. We know what counter places we like to eat at and which ones we pass by.

So now that I don't do these itineraries anymore, that leaves practically nothing to do as the trip draws near. And the time just drags.


  1. Hehehe. I've never had a chance to go to Disney World before (although I live next to Disneyland and visit all the time). I'm really jealous. I hope you have a good time!

  2. We've got 289 days or a little more then 9 months also :D!

    Have you looked into using - they send you daily/weekly updates with the fare prices for the routes you've put in! We've been keeping track - so far 2 RT tickets from NYC to MCO is about $370! Not too bad!

  3. I haven' they do Southwest??? We have been flying Southwest the last few years and really like it. They have direct flights from Buffalo to MCO every day, usually several. My dad has to have a direct flight for this I will hold out for SW!

  4. I live in the UK but know a lot of people who have been to the Disney in Florida. It's not something I have ever wanted to do though. I imagine I would go the Streets of the World area and sit in a London pub. But that's just me. I hope you enjoy yourselves.