Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ever surprise someone with a trip to Disney????

The past few months, Disney has been showing those surprise commercials and they make me tear up each and every time!! I soooo want to do that one of these days!!! If I get that emotional over some stranger on TV, just imagine me doing it myself!!

I love love love surprises!! I love to surprise people and I love being surprised myself. We didn't want to know the sex with either of our kids and we love planning surprise parties. That moment, where the suprisee gets clued in on what's going on...just priceless...

And to do that with a trip to Disney!! OMG! We like to do an early flight...the last two years we've had to get up super 4 am. Can you imagine just randomly waking your kids at 4 am and yelling "We're going to Disney today!!!!!"

Sounds like so much fun!!


  1. I love it. That's my park! And I see those commercials all the time. They're part of the new Castle Show (The Magic, the Memories, and You). And they are emotional when you see kids screaming about going to Disney. It's just amazing.

  2. OMG! Those commercials make me all over emotional too!!
    You def have to see Magic, Memories, and You! My husband thought it was a little corny... and its kinda hard to tell if your photopass pic made it up... BUT its like a super cute 15 minute commercial for WDW that just puts a smile on your face! :)

  3. Thanks Melissa! We might try to see it!!

  4. nope - no surprise disney trips. i get way to excited when planning so there is no way i can keep it a secret!!! (although i still have NOTHING for the upcoming trip besides days left on our unexpired hopers and a room at BLT - that's it. nada - I can't make up my mind!!)