Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Favorite Ride!

I think everyone has a favorite ride in Disney World. I love many different rides....some for the actual thrill and fun of it, others for the story, others for the fantastic theming and authenticity.

For me, Tower of Terror has all those things! It is perfection!

I remember my first time riding it. I was completely impressed with the hotel and the decor. The eeriness of the all looked so completely real! The library and the little TV so cool. The boiler room, so authentic and scary. Then I actually got on the ride. Now I had been on drop rides 'em. But none do what Tower of Terror does! Up and down, again and again! LOVE that free-fall feeling! Gotta go no hands!

I've ridden many many times since that first time and I still love it! Sometimes I feel a little bummed when I have a Fastpass and the line moves so fast. I don't get to soak in the hotel's grounds and the lobby!

Each trip, I try to get on Tower of Terror as many times as I can. Sometimes that is kinda hard and I don't get to ride as much as I'd like. The kids are still little, and even though my daughter is tall enough, it's not a ride she loves. Hoping that will magically change one day!! I can hope!! My son will most likely be tall enough by our next family trip in November, but he won't even be 4 might be too scary for him. So, for the last few trips, Hubby and me have had to take turns riding alone. It's so much more fun riding with someone! We did bribe our daughter and got her on once though.

But when Hubby and me went alone, just the two of us, last April, oh did we ride!! The first day at Hollywood Studios, we rode it over and over. The line was non-existent!! We had a Fastpass, but they didn't even take it the first few times. Then they did take it, but even after that, the standby line was barely 5 minutes! We didn't count, but I bet we rode 10 times that day!! Our second day there, we weren't so lucky. :( It was a Fantasmic night, so the park was more crowded that day. We only got to ride 5 times.

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  1. that is my jonah's favorite ride too! i like it - hubs hates it so i get to go on it with him! hubs favorite is between rock n roller coaster and test track. i'm still searching for my favorite ride. :-)