The attractions are what we visit Disney World for, though food does come in at a close second for me!! :) Below is a list of every attraction on Disney property, alphabetically by land, with a few words and tips on our experiences with them. I have also rated each attraction by the following system:

5- Absolutely love it! Must do multiple times each trip!
4- Great attraction! Must do! But once per trip is enough.
3- Good! But if we need to, we'll skip it and make sure we do it next trip.
2- Okay attraction. If we do it, we can usually skip it the next few trips.
1- Bad. Probably never again.

Note: Sometimes I give a double rating, but will always explain why.

Magic Kingdom


Captain Jack's Pirate Tutorial: 3
This is a really cute show. We got there relatively early and got to sit close to the front. The assistant pirate came out first and was good. And then Captain Jack came out. He was really good! The show was funny and the kids participating seemed to have fun though they didn't really do as much as I thought they would.

Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management: 3
Lots of fun music! Neat little show! I've never seen the original, but this one is cute!

Jungle Cruise: 4
This is a fun ride. The skippers tell all kinds of lame jokes and that's the best part! The actual ride is just a boat ride through several jungles and the animals are animatronic. It is fun to ride this at night...the animals look less fake!

Magic Carpets of Aladdin: 3
This is basically like Dumbo, but you're on a carpet. The lines are sometimes shorter though. Watch out for the spitting camel!

Pirates of the Caribbean: 5
One of our absolute favs!!!! Gotta ride it at least a few times each trip. The line is almost always short! Board your boat and travel through several pirate scenes, many of which you will recognize from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Very cool with the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa a few years ago!

Swiss Family Treehouse: 4
The coolest treehouse you'll ever see! Even if you've never seen the actual movie, the attraction is very cool to climb and explore! Great views of the park from the top.

Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats: N/A
Never done these. Costs a buck.


Cinderella's Castle: 5
It's the castle, I mean, come on! You have to see the castle!! Try to walk through it first thing in the morning, cause after that it's closed of for the stage show. They mosaic murals inside are gorgeous!

Dream Along with Mickey: 2
Decent show. But we don't need to see it all the time.

Dumbo's Flight: 3
We ride this one because the kids enjoy it and it's nostalgic. But the line is usually crazy unless you go first thing in the morning after rope drop. I'm interested to see what it's like after the Fantasyland expansion is complete, with two Dumbo rides.

it's a small world: 4/5
This is a great ride and also a sentimental once because it was one of Walt's original creations. Most people hate the song, but I adore it! I would probably just rate it a 4 for myself, but the kids love it, so the 5 is for them!

Mad Tea Party: 4
This is another one of those nostalgic rides you just have to do!! I am not a fan of spinning, and in the past I have just let my hubby take our daughter on alone. But I did ride it during both of our last two trips, since our son was big enough to go on. I survived and it was fun!

Mickey's Philharmagic: 5
This is the best 3D experience on property! The show is adorable and the 4D elements are fantastic too! Great show! But don't sit too's a bit harder to see.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: 4
Very cute ride! Love when we bounce with Tigger and "float" in the stream! This is another ride that a Fastpass is a must! The newly renovated queue is awesome and I am so glad they repositioned the tree from Pooh's Playful Spot there.

Peter Pan's Flight: 4
This ride you must get a Fastpass for. Why, I have no clue. Maybe everyone else loves it like I do! It's a cute ride and I love how your ship flies above everything! It is a sentimental ride for me, as it's one of the only rides I really remember from my only trip to Disneyland in CA.

Prince Charming's Regal Carousel: 2
It's a carousel, and just because it's in Disney World does not make it real special. My apologies to anyone who disagrees! :) It is fun to find Cinderella's horse though, the one with the gold bow on the tail. 

Snow White's Scary Adventure: 2
This ride is really dark...darker than almost every other dark ride on property. And it is really scary, just as the name tells you. My kids are pretty terrified on this one and I personally don't find much about it that is enticing as an adult.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 5 
Great roller coaster! Fast and bumpy, with all kinds of neat things to see as you whip past! Theming is fantastic on this ride! This is my daughter's favorite ride on property! There is nothing better than riding this at night, just as the fireworks show starts. So so neat! Definitely get a Fastpass for this one, unless you can get here right after rope drop.

Country Bear Jamboree: 1
Not fond of this at all. The songs are lame, the jokes, bad. The bears look like they need some fluffing and cleaning. Just a waste of time.

Frontierland Shootin' Arcade: N/A
Never done this one.

Splash Mountain: 3
While this is a neat ride, it's not something we ride every trip. Most of it is floating in your log through scenes from the movie Song of the South. I like the drop at the end!  Fastpass is a must.

Tom Sawyer Island: 3
This is a neat attraction, if it's not hot out. The last time we did this, it was a hot day and it seemed twenty degrees hotter on the island. There is a lot of climbing and hiking. You could spend a lot of time here if you really wanted. It seems to take a really long time to get the raft loaded and the unloaded. I've heard there are paintbrushes on the island and if you find one, turn it into a Cast Member for a prize.

Liberty Square

The Hall of Presidents: N/A
Sadly, we have never experienced this attraction. I hope to one of these days, but I am not sure my kids would sit through it.
The Haunted Mansion: 5
Love love love this one! Quite possibly, it is my fav in all of Magic Kingdom! The mansion is themed so well. It really feels like a haunted old mansion. The Doom Buggies are so neat. Everything about this attraction showcases what Disney World does best- transporting their guests to somewhere else. Just amazing!! It can be a little scary for the kids though. The ride does seem to stop often, but it's not broken. It has a constant moving ride design, but when a handicapped person transfers from their wheel chair, they must stop the ride. So don't be alarmed!

Attraction Spotlight Post

Liberty Square Riverboat: 2
It's a steamboat that goes around Tom Sawyer Island. It's relaxing, but nothing special.

Main Street, USA

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade: 2
This parade is cute, very short, but not really all that spectacular. It's one of those things that if you catch it, great, but if not, I wouldn't wait an hour for a prime spot on Main Street to watch it. 

Main Street Electrical Parade: 2
This parade was really nice. I did see the parade at Disneyland when I was 12, some twenty-some years ago, but seeing it now really didn't ring any bells. The lit-up floats were great, mainly older Disney movies and characters, so my kids didn't really get most of them. It was supposed to be a limited engagement, and honestly, I hope it's over soon. I'm very ready to have Spectromagic back!

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!: 2
We've only really seen this one from a distance, but it seems like a very fun show/parade type of thing. Great music and dancing. Reminds me of the Block Party Bash at Hollywood Studios.  Another one I wouldn't stake out a seat an hour ahead for, but if you happen to be in the hub when it's going on, check it out.

Spectromagic Parade: 4
Best. Parade. EVER! Just the music makes me teary! Love love love it! The floats are gorgeous! Disney magic at it's finest!

Wishes: 4
This is a really wonderful fireworks display! I live that they are set to music and the lights that are shone on the castle just complete the show. A lot of people like to watch the show from various spot around the park, but in my opinion, the hub is the nly place to see it. Any other place you cannot see the lights shone on the castle and you miss out on seeing the fireworks surround the castle. BUT, I do like to watch them from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad too. If we hurry over as the nighttime parade ends and get in line at the right time, we are on the coaster as fireworks are exploding over head! The fireworks are shot from far behind the park, so from the front of the castle, it looks like they are right there, but in reality, they are not. last trip, my daughter and I rode just as the show started, then watched the rest from the lookout spot at Big Thunder Mountain railroad. So cool! The big explosions lit up the mountain!

Mickey's Toontown Fair (Now closed :( But I will leave these reviews up until the new Fantasyland Expansion opens)

The Barnstormer: 3
It's a cute roller coaster. The little ones can ride it, so it gives them something a bit thrilling when they can't ride the other Mountain rides. It's over very fast. Wish it was a longer coaster.

Donald's Boat: N/A
This is just a little play place for the kids. But there's water involved, so we keep our kids away. We rarely travel to Disney when it's super hot, so there's no need to get all wet.
Judge's Tent: N/A 
This is the tent at the end of your tour through Mickey's Country House. We usually skip this meet n greet- you can tour the house without doing it. We prefer to meet Mickey elsewhere. The line is usually really long.
Mickey's Country House: 3
Mickey's house, but there are gates keeping you out of each room, unlike Minnie's house. Kids always get a kick out of the houses and they will miss them when they're gone.
Minnie's Country House: 4
This one is really cool, because you can sit on Minnie's chairs and check out what's in her fridge. Lots of neat things to do inside. We've had lots of fun in here in the past and will sadly miss it when it's gone.

Toontown Hall of Fame Tent: 3
This building houses Fairy Hollow, which is a very cool meet n greet with Tinker Belle and the other fairies. And also a Princess meet n greet. These are great places for meeting characters. The lines are usually long though, but the wait is worth it. Only a few guests are allowed in at a time, giving each family quality time with the characters without feeling rushed.

Walt Disney World Railroad: 4
There isn't much else that is quite as relaxing as a train ride around the Magic Kingdom! The railroad has three stops: Main Street Station, Frontierland, and Toontown. You can bring your stroller aboard if you fold it up.


Astro Orbiter: 4
I love this ride, but only do it if I can get into Tomorrowland right after rope drop. The line can get long and it moves extremely slow! It's a great view of the entire park and is one of the original rides when the park opened!

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin: 4/5
My kids and husband absolutely love this ride- the five is from them! Me, it's decent, but once a trip is enough. They could ride it repeatedly! It's a shooting game where you accumulate points and try to beat your riding companion.

Carousel of Progress: 5
Our whole family loves this and the song is completely addicting! You can feel Walt's presence when you're inside this attraction.

Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor: 3
Cute show! The last time we saw it, I texted in one of my daughter's jokes and they used it during the show! Very cool!!

Space Mountain: 5
I really like this coaster! It's very dark but very neat! There's aren't any huge drops and it doesn't go all too fast, but there are lots of sharp turns. The ride cars are designed to make you feel like you are going much faster than you are.  My daughter rode this for the first time last trip, and she ranks it as #2 after Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Fastpass is a must!

Stitch's Great Escape: 2
I almost rated this a "1" but it does have some neat, and gross, effects. But when I took my daughter on this, she was terrified.

Tomorrowland Speedway: 3
Basically, this is little gas-powered go-karts on a track. It's fun, but the line moves slowly.

Tomorrowland Transit authority: 4
For such a simple little ride, this is really fun! You get to ride through Tomorrowland and even Space Mountain- once we even got to see what it looked like inside with the lights on! They were refurbishing Space Mountain at the time. Very cool!

Disney's Hollywood Studios 

 Animation Courtyard

The Magic of Disney Animation: 3
This is pretty cool. You get to see a little film about how Disney does it's animation. It's cute and funny, with Mushoo from Mulan. Then afterward, you can see the artist working (the last time they weren't though) and you can see drawings and props for the latest Disney animation film. We got to see things from Tangled...very cool! There are lots of character meet n greets inside too. We finally did the Animation Academy and learned to draw Goofy. It was a lot more fun that I thought it would be! Our drawings came out pretty good!

Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage: 3
This would be a neat show, if not for the seating. It's a puppet show with favorite characters from Playhouse Disney: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, etc... The stage is about 3 feet off the ground and the puppets come up from a pit within the stage. But everyone is sitting on the floor and it's very hard to see much more than the puppet's head. The kids do get to stand in certain parts when there is music and dancing, but the adults must stay seated. It is cute though and the kids enjoy it, even if they can't see all that well.  

The Voyage of the Little Mermaid: 4
This is a neat stage show with a live performances by Ariel. It also uses animation from the movie and also some fun puppeteering with black lights. The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I like to do this every trip is possible!

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream: 3
We do really love this attraction, but it's not something we can do with the kids. Basically it's a museum and film about Walt's life and how he built his Disney empire. Very interesting stuff and tons of neat things on display. The kids are too young to appreciate this, so for now, we have to skip it. We did get to do it when me and hubby went alone last year!!

Echo Lake Area 

American Idol: 4/5
I am not a huge fan of the television show, but the show at Disney is pretty darn cool. I really enjoyed it!! We've only done it once and that trip we did only go to one show, but would have liked to go back for the finale show that night. I think it's something I could definitely do more than once per trip! 

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular: 2
This show is neat, lots of stunts and fire and gunshots. But it's not somehting we need to do all the time.

Sounds Dangerous: 2 
This is a "show" but it's completely in the dark. you wear headphones and it's all about sounds, rather than seeing the show. It is neat, but not something we need to do all the time.  

Star Tours: 2
We've actually only done this one once, long time ago. It was great, but we are not real fond of motion simulator rides. So the reason we don't do it isn't because we don't like it, but it makes us sick. 

Hollywood Boulevard Area 

The Great Movie Ride: 4
We really love this ride...a journey through the movies from it's early days to the present. Plus, the replica of Mann's Chinese Theater is really cool. I've been to the real one in's pretty close! :)

Pixar Place

Toy Story Midway Mania: 5
Awesome attraction! This one is so popular that if you don't get a Fastpass as soon as the rope drops, you may not get to ride it unless you want to stand in line for 90+ minutes. And there will be a crazy long line just to get your Fastpass. But don't worry, it does move fast! It's a great 3D game/ride where you compete against your friends.

Streets of America
Honey I shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure: 4/5 
This is a neat playground. You feel like you are in a backyard and are about an inch tall. My kids could literally stay here all day long. me and hubby, we're good after about fifteen minutes. It's best to go right at 9:30 when it opens, cause mid-day, it gets packed and it's hard enough to keep an eye on your kids when they're running to and fro and ducking inside a giant spider web. Add in a zillion other kids and it's not so fun. Tons of fab photo ops though!

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show: 2
This one is just okay for us. Some of it is neat, but it's pretty much the same things over and over for a half hour. 

Luigi's Garage: 4
This is the meet n greet spot for Lightning McQueen and Mater! Love them! 

Muppet Vision 3D: 1
This show is extremely outdated. The 3D is no where near as good as the other 3D shows on property. Our kids have no clue who the Muppets are, so they don't really get it. Maybe when the new Muppet movie comes out they'll upgrade it and make it more appealing??

Studio Backlot Tour: 3
This tour starts with a water demonstration, then you board a tram and get to see some neat movie props and such, plus Catastrophe Canyon.

Street Scenes: 4
I guess this isn't really an attraction, but I had to mention them. The Streets of America, modeled after NYC and San Fransisco, used to be used or actual movie and TV show filmings. We love walking around and exploring the streets and taking all kinds of fun pictures!

Sunset Boulevard

Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage: 3 
This is a great stage show! The songs are performed live (well, at least by Belle, they are) and it's very colorful and fun! 

Fantasmic: 2
This nighttime show is just okay in our book. There are some neat things to it, but I feel it's in need of some major refurbishing.

Rock 'n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith: 4/5
This is a fun coaster! Love the beginning. It shoots you super fast like 60-some mph. It's almost completely dark inside with large signs and things glowing neon in the black light. all the while, Aerosmith is playing in your ears! It's a 4 for me, as I'm not all too fond of upside-down coasters, but hubby adores it! Fastpass is a must, unless you don't mind doing the single rider line. Basically it's a special line and whenever there is a spit where a rider is needed...say there is a party of 3, they will take the next person in the single rider line to ride with that person. So yes, your party will be broken up and also, you will definitely be with a stranger. That's what we've done in the past, since neither kid was able to ride. But next trip, our daughter will be, so Fastpasses will be a must for us.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: 5
this is rated a 5, but if I could, it would be 10! It's my absolute favorite ride anywhere! The theming inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel is awesome!!! I'd ride this over and over and over all day if I could. There's nothing I like better than that thrill of free all! And on this ride it's multiple times! If you go first thing, you don't need a Fastpass...everyone is at Toy Story Midway Mania. But as the day goes on, you will probably need a Fastpass.

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Future World

Club Cool: 4
This is one of my daughter's must-dos! Inside this Coke sponsored building is several drink stations where you can sample soda products from all over the world. Really really neat!

Character Connection: 3
This is a really great place to meet Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, thought not all are there at once. You usually see four of them. But it is paced so each family has one on one time with each character.

Innoventions, East and West: 4
Another of my daughter's favs at Epcot. These buildings are filled with all sorts of education things, but they are far from boring. There are interactive games and even one video game where you are in the game! My daughter loved making her own recycled paper and my hubby loved the Segway ride.

Journey into the Imagination with Figment: 4
This is a really cute track ride. It's all about imagination and using your senses with fun music and a cute flying dragon. After the ride, there are all kinds of things to do- music and neat photo booths.

Captain EO: 3
I'd seen this show years and years ago in Disneyland. I was twelve. When they brought it back, I was a little hesitant about seeing it...I didn't remember it being all that great. And it was old, so how good could the 3D effects be?? I was so surprised! It was really good and the 3D was great! Some of it was scary for the little kids, but it was a neat show!

Ellen's Energy Adventure: 1
This seemed like the longest attraction in history. And by the time we actually got to the part where you went on the ride, it was short and not all that exciting.

Living with the Land: 4
I adore this ride, though not everyone will agree. As a horticulture major in high school and college, this kind of stuff is very interesting to me. This slow moving boat ride takes you through Epcot's greenhouses and showcases the unique growing methods they use. You'll see some pretty amazing vegetables! And they serve them to guests at The Garden Grill restaurant upstairs! I even did the backstage tour on this ride once- Behind the Seeds. So cool!

Mission Space: N/A
I keep saying I will be brave and try time. I am not good with motion simulators and I've heard this one is the worst yet. Even the tamer green side has me nervous. Hubby had ridden it and did the red, more intense, side and said it was fine...and he isn't fond of motion simulators either.

Spaceship Earth: 5
I just love this attraction! There is just something amazing about being inside that giant ball! The ride takes you through the history of communication from the dawn if civilization to present day. I love that you can smell Rome burning and the cave painting scene is really neat! It's a very educational ride, but somehow it's just so so cool! The second half of the ride, the screen in your ride car illuminates and you answer a few questions. Your picture had been taken at the beginning of the ride and now uses your imagine to make a little video of what your future will be. So so neat!! When you exit, you have the opportunity to email a postcard to family or friends and play some interactive games.

Test Track: 5
This ride is very cool! Basically, you are a test dummy at a car manufacturing plant. Your car is put through several tests including high speed turns, environmental tests, and of course, testing the speed as you race along a track outdoors and around the entire building up to about 65 mph.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends: 4
This ride is cute. It's a basic track ride where you sit in a calm-mobile. The neat part is that the walls in front of you are the aquarium walls. So while you see real fish swimming, you also see the projections of Nemo, Dory and the other Finding Nemo characters on the aquarium walls. The kids love it. My favorite part is the jelly fish! At the end, you exit into the Living Seas pavilion and can see all kinds of ocean life.

Turtle Talk with Crush: 3

This is a show inside the Living Seas Pavilion. You sit in front of a screen and then Crush appears. Kids get to ask him questions and he talks back and interacts personally wit the kids. Very neat!

Soarin': 5

This is such an awesome ride! Make sure you definitely get a fastpass and get one early! For this ride, you are seated in a glider and are taken high up in the "air" where you soar over Californian landmarks. The ride was originally made for Disney's California Adventure and was then brought to Disney World in Florida. It is just amazing, the way you fly over, and the smells! At one point, it feels like your feet will dip into the ocean! The Soarin' music is one of my favorite ride soundtracks!

World Showcase

Mexico: 4
The Mexico pavilion looks like a Aztec temple and inside is a Mexican marketplace. Lots of neat stuff to buy. There is a boat ride inside featuring the Three Caballeros as they journey through Mexico. It's kind of like a Mexican it's a small world. Love the "fireworks" at the end!You can meet Donald here, decked out in his sombrero!

Norway: 4
Norway features a replica of the Stave Church which houses an exhibit about vikings. This pavilion also houses the second ride in World Showcase- a boat ride called Maelstrom that takes your through Norway and introduces you to some trolls!

China: 3
China is a great pavilion to explore with it's gardens. Inside the building is the Tomb Warriors exhibit which is pretty neat. There is also a Circle-Vision movie called Reflections of China and I was amazed at how good it was. It really made me want to travel to China some day! You can meet Mulan and MooShu here.

Germany: 3
We love walking into the Germany pavilion. The architecture is just so neat. Oktoberfest is in full affect and you can visit the gift shops for all kinds of steins and cuckoo clocks. You can meet Snow White and Dopey here.

Italy: 3
Such a beautiful pavilion with it's fountains and buildings in St. Mark's Square.

American Adventure: 4
This pavilion makes me feel so proud to be an American! I have visited the real Independence Hall in Boston and this is a great reproduction. The Fife and Drum Corps perform periodically and the Voices of Liberty a capella group is a must see. They perform inside the pavilion 15 minutes before each showing of The American Adventure, a journey through American history using animatronic figures.

Japan: 3
This is another pavilion with beautiful gardens. The pavilion has a huge gift shop with all kinds of toys and things from Japan and also a pearl station. For a small fee you can choose an oyster, guaranteed to have a real pearl inside. I've done this with my daughter and it was lots of fun. You can take your pearl home as is or have it set there into a necklace or ring. Try to see the drum show and also the candy sculptor.

Morocco: 4
More than any other pavilion in World Showcase, the Morocco pavilion makes me feel as if I have been transported out of Florida. The buildings are so amazing and feel so authentic. Love love love it! Love the shops and all the unique hand-made items. You can meet jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie here.

France: 3
The France pavilion is cute and quaint and the patisserie always has a line out the door! There is a movie to watch, but it wasn't fantastic. I try very hard to stay out of the perfume shop...I always find something (or two things or three things) in there that I just gotta have!!! (But they are pricey!) The Server Amusant show is fantastic! You can meet Belle and the beast there.

United Kingdom: 3
Love walking through the little town and you gotta check out the phone booths! Love the tea store! YUM! The gardens are beautiful and The British Invasion cover band is really good! You can meet Mary Poppins and Alice here.

Canada: 3
For us, the Canada pavilion isn't all that exciting...we live 20 minutes from the border. But the gardens are beautiful and the band Off Kilter is really good. We've seen the O Canada movie and it's okay.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure: 4
My daughter absolutely loves this and would do it all day if we let her. You are given a little cell phone and Kim and Wade need your help to save the world. You are given a country and you need to find a specific spot in the pavilion. Upon pressing a button, something will happen. It's a neat interactive game. It definitely gives the kids something to do in World Showcase after they're bored of browsing with mom and dad. But it's fun for adults too. You can do multiple missions of you want.

Kidcot Stations: 3
This is really fun for the kids. They receive a cardboard mask on a wooden stick to color, or last time it was Duffy the Bear, and they visit each country where a representative will stamp their mask and sometimes even write their name or a message in their native language. With the mask, kids collect a small paper "charm" at each stop and attach it to the mask. In addition the the masks, you can also purchase a passport from any gift shop and the representative in each country will also stamp that and write a little something inside. Lots of fun!

Illuminations: 4
It took me a few trips to actually see this show and I wondered why it had taken so long. All of world showcase dims for the light and firework extravaganza set to music in the center of World Showcase Lagoon. So so beautiful!

Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island

It's Tough to Be a Bug: 4
Love this show!! You get to go inside the Tree of Life! It's a show that takes you into the world of bugs...and makes you feel a little be of compassion for them! Disney does 4D so awesome! Some of the show is kinda scary for the little ones, but the effects are great!

Tree of Life: 4
This tree is A. Maze. Ing. Each of the 320 animals is hand-carved. Could wander around the tree for an hour!

Camp Minnie Mickey

Character Greeting Trails: 3
These meet n greet areas are really neat. Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Chip and Dale..they're all decked out in camper gear. So fun!

The Festival of the Lion King: 4
This is, hands down, my FAVORITE show on Disney property. It's a Broadway-quality show filled with live singing, dancing, acrobatics, fire dancing, aerial acrobatics, and more!  I love to sit in the front row and really feel like part of the show!


Kilimanjaro Safaris: 4
This is a great ride that takes you out of Florida and transports you into Africa and on a safari. The truck looks authentic and is just as bumpy as if you really were driving through Africa! (I'd imagine, anyway!) The driver does a great job of pointing out the animals all around you, some of which come pretty close to the truck. Lots of great photo opportunities! And as with everything Disney does, there is a story. You must help your driver save a baby elephant from poachers!

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail: 2
This is one of two animal trails in Animal Kingdom. It's not my favorite, but you get to see the gorillas and hippos and the guides do a fantastic job of answering questions. My daughter loved talking to them and learning about the animals.

Rafiki's Planet Watch: 1
We've done this one a few times and it's just not all that great. The train ride is a kinda neat. You get to see where all the animals sleep each night. The Conservation Station has a lot of educational things and sometimes a character meet n greet. if you're lucky, you can see a routine medical procedure being performed on one of the park's a tooth cleaning. There is a petting zoo...but really it's only some goats. There are a couple other animals but I don't remember them being real exciting. :(


Expedition Everest: 4
This is a really cool coaster! The queue prepares you for a trip up Mount Everest and is really cool...all kinds of Yeti artifacts! Every time I go through the Fastpass line, I say that someday I will wait in stand-by just so I can check it all out! It's a fast coaster traveling through Everest in search of the Yeti..and you do find him! It's a must do for us!! And I just love everything about Anandapur...the flags and so cool.

Flights of Wonder: N/A

Kali River Rapids: 3
Not sure if I can give an accurate review here, since I have only ridden this once and it was over 10 years ago. But I remember it being really fun and we got really wet! It's a raft ride with 8 passengers. We've skipped it on all trips since that one way back in 2000 for either the fact that it was too cold, or we just didn't want to get that wet. One of these days we will ride again!

Maharajah Jungle Trek: 5
I LOVE this animal trail! I could seriously stand and watch those fruit bats all day!! They are just so cool!! But aside from that, this trail is just themed so well...something I think the Pangani trail is lacking.

Dinoland U.S.A.

The Boneyard: 4/1
My children adore this place....but I hate it. I am not a huge fan of anything where my kids can run amok and I cannot see them. But the dinosaur fossils are really cool and the kids love the rope bride that spans across. The part I despise, and avoid at all costs, is the digging area. The kids get shovels and brooms and search through this sandy/rocky stuff to find more fossils. It gets in everything and afterward we have to sit and empty out everyone's shoes and socks.

Dinosaur: 3
I like this ride, even though it's a bit bumpy and a bit scary for the kids. You are in a time machine sent back to dinosaur times to find a certain dinosaur.

Finding Nemo: The Musical: 4
This is a really great stage show. It's my husband's favorite. Never ever will you think the same about a puppet show! These puppets are huge and so so cool!! It takes the story of Finding Nemo and adds songs and music and Broadway quality.

Primeval Whirl: 3
This is a neat coaster. Your car spins as it twists and turns on the track! It's not a typical Disney coaster...this one is all outdoors and more resembles a carnival coaster. But it fits in with the area with it's carnival-style games.

Triceratop Spin: 3
Basically, this is Dumbo with flying dinosaurs instead of elephants. One of us usually takes our son on this while the other is on Dinosaur with our daughter.

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade: 3
This is a neat parade. Disney takes families from the park and puts them in explorer gear and makes them part of the parade, riding in animal-themed floats. There are lots of neat animal floats and lots of people dressed as animals on stilts.

DiVine: 4
If you have never caught DiVine's show, you must! Many passersby don't even see her...she blends so well. But if you do notice her, you'll find an amazing acrobat on stilts covered in trailing vines who climbs and poses and slithers like a vine. So so cool!