Thursday, October 15, 2015

Top 5 reasons to book the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan!

I love to eat. I find zero shame in admitting that. And I especially love to eat in Disney World! The Disney Dining Plan has made eating very easy! Here are my top 5 reasons why I love the Quick Service Dining Plan!

1- SAVES TIME! For shorter Disney trips, we like to soak up every minute we can and use them to our fullest ability. Counter meals are just faster. Especially if you dine during off times. We usually eat early lunches. Most counter places open at 11, some are 11:30. We get there right after opening. The lines are short and we have no trouble getting a table. Same with dinner. We'll shoot for 4:30-5 ish, after the lunch crowd has dined and the dinner crowd isn't ready. We can be in and out in maybe 45 minutes, as opposed to the hour and a half it takes at most sit down restaurants.

2- YOU GET MORE! I've done the math. Even if we all ordered the cheapest meal, shared drinks, skipped dessert (or at least only treated ourselves occasionally) we don't come out ahead of what the Quick Service plan costs. I don't know about you, but I would much rather spend the same amount of money and get MORE!

3- DESSERT! Every meal on the Quick Service Dining Plan comes with dessert. Yep. EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL! That's a perk for sure! I dream about the Triple Chocolate Cake.......

4- RESORT MUG! Yep! Even the Quick Service plan comes with a refillable resort mug for every guest on the plan! It is only fillable at your resort, but it is definitely a great perk!

5- SNACKS! For me, a Disney trip is special because of all the fun treats I don't get to experience at home. Dole Whips, Mickey Bars, Smoothies, Floats, every awesome treat in World Showcase! There are a thousand different things to try and you get to try one every day of your trip!

So...what do you think? Have you done the Quick Service Dining Plan before? Would you do it again? What's your favorite use of a snack credit???

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