Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 5: Disneyland Day #2

Day 2 at Disneyland! We were very excited to go back and do all the things we missed on Day 1!

We were greeted by Ariel as we walked in. Which was very surreal. No line to meet her. No handler. That is just not heard of in WDW. 

We headed right for Tomorrowland! We rode the Astro Orbitor first. It's such a great nostalgic ride :) This one doesn't go as high as the one at WDW, but that was okay.

We enjoyed the rest of Tomorowland- Buzz Lightyear- which was a little different than it's Magic Kingdom counterpart. The blaster guns are much easier to use! We did Space Mountain and the Autotopia, then headed to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. I remember this attraction from my first trip to DL in 1989. Very little sticks out from that trip, but this did. I thought it was very cool then and my kids loved it now :)

Then we rode the Monorail full circle. I just love the Monorail :) And it was honestly a very odd feeling to board it from inside the park :)

We then headed to Adventureland and the Indiana Jones Adventure. I had heard about this ride and was excited for it, since there is not one in WDW. It was very cool. The queue was fantastic! It was a great ride and reminded me a lot of the Dinosaur attraction at Animal Kingdom, but all Indiana Jonesy :)

And while in line, my husband got all giddy and fanboy over a famous WWE wrestler. (Nick Foley...I had no clue.)

Then we headed to a new show- Mickey and the Magic Map! It was very very cool! I took a ton of photos but tried to pick a few of the good ones to post!

We headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. We ate at ESPN Zone. I was in desperate need of an adult beverage and it was quite tasty. The food was decent...typical bar and grill type food, but not exactly cheap. We've never been to the one at WDW.

My son just HAD to do Ridemakerz. He used his own money and it was pretty cool :)

Back at the park, we were once again greeted by princesses. Just milling about. This would NEVER happen at the Magic Kingdom. There's like an hour wait to meet these ladies!

We played around in the firehouse then checked out the arcade and some shops on Main Street.

Fireworks time! The castle is so gorgeous all lit up at night!!!

The show is not nearly as good as Wishes at the Magic Kingdom, but it was a lovely show none the less.

I always have to snap this shot on my way out!! So pretty at night!

Next up- Our last day at the Disneyland Resort :(

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