Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 2: California Adventure Day # 1

We were so excited for our first day at the park! We chose California Adventure first, though I did want to go to Disneyland first. Just because it was the original park. But the crowd predictor on Touring Plans said CA crowds were lighter for that that's what we did. Walking in, it had a vibe very similar to Hollywood Studios in WDW. Old Hollywood. We got some great photo pass pics right in the beginning. The place was pretty dead, so it was great.

Then we just walked around. We weren't real sure where to go first. There was practically no one there.

We rode Monster's Inc first. Very cute!! 

Then my fave, Tower of Terror. It was pretty similar to the one in WDW, with some minor differences. The entrance was different, but inside look very similar. No boiler room here though. And the car is already in the elevator don't need to roll out to it.

Then we headed to A Bugs Land! So so adorable!!! The rides were nothing special but the theming was so damn cute! So many amazing little touches that made it such a wonderful experience.

Yes....this is a bathroom. It was so adorable I just had to take a pic!!

After A Bug's Land, we were pretty hot, and felt it was a good time to ride Grizzly River Run. This was okay. I expected more. We didn't even get that wet. :(

After that we headed to Carsland!!! Our whole reason for traveling 3000 miles!!! And it didn't disappoint one bit!!!!

We had lunch at Flo's. The food was really good! A bit pricey, but it was worth it! 

After Carsland, we watched the Pixar Play Parade. It's very similar tot he one at Hollywood Studios in WDW. I took tons of pics, but I don't feel the need to share them here right now. It's a cute parade :)

We walked around some more. Caught the Alice and Mad Hatter musical show, rode Soarin, which is exactly the same as the one in Epcot, though the building and line is different. It's located in Condor Flats, an aviation themed "land". It was okay. It felt very un-Disney to me. No magic at all. We ended up eating dinner at Taste Pilots Grill in Condor Flats. I had the chicken sandwich and it was decent. Hubby had the burger and said it was very blah. 

It got dark, so we just walked around taking it all in. The parks are so gorgeous at night! And Carsland, with all the neon.....breathtaking........

I took one last shot on my way out...had to get the California Adventure sign :)

Overall, we had a good day. As I said earlier, Carsland itself made the trip worth it. But we weren't overly impressed with the California Adventure park. Some parts were cool, some were blah. We did most of the park on the first day. 

Stay tuned! Next up- Disneyland!!!!

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