Monday, March 10, 2014

A 'World' Girl in the 'Land'

Hello all! I really want to get back to this blog!! It's something I enjoy and I love sharing my Disney experiences!!

I've been meaning to blog about our Disneyland trip for some time...but it's been a crazy busy fall and winter. But now that things are calming down, I hope to give more love to this blog!

For our 2013 trip, we decided to head west! I had been wanting to go to Disneyland for some time. I went when I was 11...way back in the summer of 1989. My mom and stepdad lived near San Fransisco, and that summer during my visit, they took us to Disneyland. Back then, I wasn't into all things Disney, so I had fun, but most of the magic was lost on me. Fast forward 2 decades and I am so in love with Disney now. After a few trips to WDW, I yearned to be in the only park Walt ever stepped foot in. I wanted to be where he'd been, feel his presence. Hope that doesn't sound too sappy. I know it won't for my fellow Disney fanatics ;)

And when they announced the Carsland expansion...oh my. Cars is our family's favorite Disney movie. For a time, my daughter thought she was Lightning McQueen and would tell people that was her name. We just HAD to go.

So we made it happen. But if we were paying all that $ to fly completely across the country, we were making it worth our while. We spent a few days in So Cal as well as Vegas. It was a great trip!

I plan on posting lots of blogs about the trip in the next few weeks, talking about everything DLR! What we liked, what we didn't like, the things that disappointed us and made me want to cry. Sadly, that did happen :( But there were amazing magical moments too.

Stay tuned!!!

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