Monday, March 26, 2012

Tried not to act disappointed, but I am.

Talked with my mom yesterday. I am trying real hard not to talk about anything Disney World, but as you all understand, it is damn hard! I don't want to talk cause I don't want to push. I've known since June that them talking this trip with us was iffy. But I'd been hopeful the last couple months. Well...not anymore.

My mom pretty much told me they are definitely out. There is a minuscule chance, but it's not looking good. My dad is too afraid he will have an episode and doesn't want to chance it.

I get it. I understand. But the rest of me is wondering, "So you're just gonna sit home and do nothing...not live your careful because of what might happen?" "You want to miss out on something special with your grand kids because of your fear?" But I don't say any of those things. My new life mantra: It is what it is. I can't force people to do anything and putting them on a guilt trip won't help either. I sit back and wait and make plans for a trip without them, just in case.

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