Monday, December 26, 2011


I recently read a blog showing all kinds of pictures of the new Carsland that will open this summer! I am so so excited!!! Do you think I can find the blog though????  So wish I could share it with you!!!

But anyway, the pictures showed the little town of Radiator Springs and it is so so amazing. I cannot wait to see it live in will be like walking into the TV. From the pictures i saw, everything is so completely authentic...just like the movie.

We are HUGE Cars fans in our house. It's probably our favorite Disney movie of all time. We've watching it at least 100 times, if not more. So to get the chance to go to radiator Springs and be a part of the movie is just so exciting!!!

We are definitely planning a trip to California soon!! It's a little tough for us though....since the trip requires us to travel across the entire country! We have our trip planned for 2012, staying at the new Art of Animation resort, Cars section, of course!! It will be a nice way to gear up for Carsland!! Hopefully we can do that in 2013!


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  2. The Disney Parks Blog just released some new pictures yesterday!

  3. I subscribe to the blog updates!! Cool pics...but not the ones I saw a week or so ago. They were posted on someone's blog I think. Wish i could find it.