Monday, June 27, 2011

It's official :(

My mom gave me the official word....the November trip is off.

I told her we can rebook for next November and she was good with that. They have no idea how my dad and his neck pain will be a cuple months from now and they needed to make some kind of decision. I was expecting this, but that didn't make it any easier.

So yesterday I got online and canceled all our dining reservations...and that was so depressing. Then I called the Disney Travel Company to change the reservation for the same week next November (my mom really wants to go at Christmas time, so that's why we're waiting a whole year). And they were only booking through November 6th. So I have to wait a couple weeks and call back. I was hoping to get the new Art and Animation resort, but the single rooms will not be opening until December 2011 and I am not sure I want to stay in a suite (it will cost us more money and I'm not sure it's worth it).


  1. Sorry, Steph. :( Hope your dad feels better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear that Steph---will you go with the kids on a smaller version trip before next year?

  3. Not sure what we're doing yet. Keith in on the transfer list for Wende and if he goes soon...we're hoping to maybe go to the beach for a few days. If not...who knows.

  4. Thats a bummer =(
    We took our trip during the Christmas season there to NOTHING like it!!!! It will be worth the wait!!!

    TY for following, NOw following you =)

  5. We've been twice at Christmas time and it is just magical!! I know my mom will love it...and it just stinks to have to wait an entire year...after waiting for so long already (we booked it back in March)