Packing and Travel Tips

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As most people know, packing for a trip, especially with kids, can be a daunting task. And the "getting there" part isn't always half the fun of it all.

Below are all my best packing and travel tips!! Enjoy!



- Bring all sample toiletries. There are lots of websites to sign up for and each day they email you links to claim the free sample of the day, such as shampoo and conditioner packets, facewash, toothpaste, etc... Takes up far less room and no bottles to bring home.

- Pack all toiletries in gallon-size plastic zipper bags. If one opens mid-flight, it won't get on your clothes!

- If you can find one, buy a small collapsable brush.

- Buy a travel-size hairspray and keep the bottle even after it's empty. Refill for future trips. I still use the same one I bought probably ten years ago!

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