Thursday, November 19, 2015

Packing doesn't have to be stressful.

I think most people stress out about packing for vacation. Making sure you have enough clothes. You never know what will happen. Or sometimes what the weather will be like. (There are certain times of year that Florida is VERY unpredictable). Medications. Necessary equipment. (My husband has a C-Pap and my son has a nebulizer). Making sure you don't go over that 50 pound maximum for flying. Especially if you bring your own bottled water and/or snacks.

I am a list maker. I start making my packing list far in advance. Every time I think of something, I add it to the list. Or I throw it right in the suitcase, if its something I won't need to use at home. I pull out the suitcases like a month before any trip. I gradually toss in things. When I get to about a week before, I pull it all out and start to organize. I do my laundry and start packing what we need. I count out underwear and socks- one for each day plus at least 2 extra. (You just never know!)

Many people like to bring their own snacks and drinks. When our kids were little, we loaded up. Breakfast stuff, Capri Sun pouches, Horizon milk boxes. Especially when my son was 2 and still free, but ate a lot of food! LOL My growing boy! I brought tons of fruits cups and granola bars, etc.. I would bring an entire suitcase just with food and drinks and diapers and wipes. I didn't care, because we always fly Southwest and we can each check 2 suitcases. But not everyone can check that many bags, or wants to. A great packing tip is to leave all that stuff at home and buy from a local service like Garden Grocer, who will deliver anything you need to your resort. Or you can ship the stuff from home to your resort.

But the very best tip I can offer in regards to packing is to not worry about forgetting something. Disney sells just about everything you could possibly need. (Except rechargeable camera battery chargers. It cost me $50 plus the cost for the charger to take a cab to a nearby Target to get one on day 2 of our trip one year.) And medications. But everything else, they have.

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