Friday, January 15, 2016

Finding Happiness!

I'm pretty lucky. I've found a way to make money doing something I love. TWO somethings to be exact. They feed my soul in different ways, using different sides of my brain. For the first time in a long time I feel secure. I feel like I've really found my path....two paths that run along-side each other.

As you all know, I'm a Disney-certified travel agent/travel planner with Fairytale Journeys. I adore all things Disney. I love helping people plan magical vacations. I love helping families find that oh-so-precious and oh-so-rare family bonding time! I love helping them plan an escape from their everyday lives!

And I guess my other job is all about escape too! I'm also a romance author :)

I started writing years ago--like 10--on a whim and it just blossomed. I couldn't stop. I needed to do it. So much so that I often stayed up until two a.m. writing, and had to force myself to go to bed because I knew my daughter was going to be up in only a few hours! I learned the craft, met any many wonderful people, took baby steps, and eventually got to a good place. I currently have six contemporary romance novels published with the seventh releasing this July!

I love creating these wonderful worlds. I love creating these sassy characters and putting them into crazy situations. I love the love. I love when readers love my stories. I love that I create something that gives people an escape from whatever they need escaping from.

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Never before in my life have a felt so happy and secure about my career/s. Who knew you could have passion for two things???!!!

My two careers fulfill me in different ways. The writing nurtures my soul, my creativity. It's my outlet for my thoughts and feelings. But it is a roller coaster, as any artist knows. I often doubt myself, but then later that day, I feel like a million bucks! I have very few answers and I don't think I will ever feel like an authority. But that's okay. I love what I create. I love what I give to others. I love the journey. And I can't wait to see where it takes me.

The travel planning is very different. I know all the answers, or at least know where to find them. I feel very in control, which is a feeling I rarely have when it comes to writing. And actually I think that's good for me. It's good to have control, but also good to know when you have to give it up. I love helping people create memories for their families. Life is so full of must-dos and I think families often run out of time for togetherness. When I help families plan a Disney vacation, I'm giving them peace of mind. I'm helping them create opportunity for quality time with their family. I'm helping them create memories they will cherish forever.

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