Monday, July 9, 2012

FREE DINING!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my most favorite days of the year! When Disney announces their free dining promotion!!!!!

I knew it was coming. Rumors started a couple weeks ago when people were starting to get pin codes for fall free dining. Then some more solid rumors were circulating last week....Disney was set to announce free dining on July 12th. Well, lo and behold, today while checking Twitter, I found that they'd announced it today for Disney Visa holders!! I wanted to jump and scream and woo hoo! Until I read the fine print......The Little Mermaid section of the new Art of Animation resort was not included.

I was devastated. I have been waiting to stay at this resort since they announced it's plans. It stunk to have to downgrade from the Cars suite, but we were still so jazzed to at least stay at the resort. So glad The Little Mermaid section of standard rooms will be opening 6 weeks early on September 15th.

But hubby said we had to switch. The savings is too good to pass on...just for a room. As heart-breaking as it was, I did agree.

So I got on the phone and called Disney...but I kept my mouth shut. The CM was great. She made the change and upgraded us to free dining promo with an upgrade from quick service to basic dining, since we were staying at a value resort. NOT ONE MENTION of the room being restricted for the promo. We finished up, she said she'd email me a confirmation, and then wished me a magical day!


There must have been some Disney magic sprinkled on us today and I am so so thankful!!!! Now I can relax and just be excited for our trip!

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