Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Disney Daydream......

So...I had this crazy daydream. I've been helping my husband's aunt plan a surprise trip for her girls as a Christmas present..they're going second week of January.

It's been well known that I am completely jealous and would love to go too. But we just don't have the money. So I had this crazy daydream that hubby somehow found the money and was gonna surprise me too. It was a silly daydream that I knew would not happen......until I saw the dining reservation confirmation his aunt had made and it said 4 guests instead of the three I knew about going on the trip- her two daughters and their one friend. (I'd let her use my email address to make ressies) And one was for one of my favorite places- BOMA!

So of course, my brain was like "OMG!!! Did my crazy daydream somehow actually come true??????"

I told him about it and he is so bad at keeping secrets and when he was completely serious when telling me he did not, in fact, plan on surprising me with this trip....I was a bit bummed. He happened to call his aunt last night and asked her who the 4th person was....she said as of right now, no was in case they got a fourth girl to fill the room.

It was silly of me to even think for a moment that it would happen. I know we don't have the cash...and he only recently transferred to his new job and him getting the days off to stay home with the kids so I can go would be super hard to do. 

Unless...................he's getting better at keeping surprises........

But I won't get my hopes up.

So, I shall wait 377 days til our next family trip to the World next year.

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