Monday, September 5, 2011

Gonna whine for a moment!

I'm in a mood. A Disney mood...but not a good one :( It's the I-wanna-go-to-Disney-but-I-can't mood. You know the one. It seems like everyone on the planet just went and they're sharing their photos on Facebook and emailing you the link to their Photopass pics. And it kills you to look cause you know you won't be back for a long long time.

We were supposed to go in November...but had to postpone because of my dad's medical issues. We decided not to go ourselves and just wait. But the waiting is going to be way harder than I thought. We have to wait until next November.

Okay...whining over...for now ;)


  1. Aww thats poop! Hugs for you! :) Awesome photo! :D

  2. Thanks! It's tougher than I thought it would be....and I still have a year and two months to go......

    Thanks for the compliment on the photo!