Dining Reviews: Epcot

Akershus's menu is very kid-friendly, and the atmosphere is fun since it was a character meal. I really enjoyed the appetizer buffet. Our son made his meal out of it. I ordered the chicken breast and while it was very good, the barley that came with it was just so so. Hubby had the beef tips and loved it. Dessert was really good though...hubby devoured the chocolate mousse cake and I loved the warm apple tart thingy! Character interaction was good...but we felt rushed. It was cool to see Ariel in her dress and legs though! One of the coolest things was the picture. Before you were seated, you took a picture with Belle....and it's included in the price...even if you are on the Disney Dining Plan!! So so cool!

One fofour favorite places in Epcot. The food is awesome and we love the band in their lederhosen!

Coral Reef 
The restaurant is absolutely beautiful inside, in all blue and green and the walls made from mosaic beach glass. unfortunately, we were not seated near the tank, but on the second tier. But, we did have a great view of the entire tank that way. It was neat to see the fish and sea turtles and the divers. Before the trip, I had arranged with my travel agent to have a special menu delivered to our table for my husband, a surprise for our 10th anniversary that we were celebrating on that trip. It included pictures of us and a special message from me. (not sure of they do this any more). I ordered the grilled pork, which is no longer on the menu :( It was really good. Hubby had the steak and really enjoyed it. For dessert, he had the Bailey's and jack Daniel's Mousse and while he loved it, it wasn't for me. I had The Wave, because I had read rave reviews of it. (and the current menu does not list it, so apparently that is gone too). But is was awesome, as expected. The service here was outstanding! We will definitely go back!

The Wave

Electric Umbrella
12/15: We have only eaten here once, years ago, but the updated menu sounded pretty decent. Hubby and I both had the French Dip Burger and it was pretty good :) Chicken nuggets were nice and crispy! My chocolate cupcake was tasty and so was the strawberry cheesecake!

Garden Grill
12/4/10: We'd had ressies for garden Grill the year before, but our son had gotten sick that day, so we had to cancel. So for this trip, I just had to make a reservation again. We were so excited to try this place! Living with the Land is one of my favorite rides in Epcot...I was a horticulture major in high school and college, so it really appeals to me. Thought it was cool to be able to see inside the ride while dining, and rotating the whole time, very cool. We were lucky and were seated at one of the tables on the lower level, no obstruction in our view, and since the restaurant is circular, we could not see any of the other booths. It felt very private...a nice family meal! The food was great too, served family style. Meats were good, and we even enjoyed the mahi mahi, and we are not seafood eaters at all. We needed a refill on our potatoes! Kids got a separate platter, but we all ate from both platters. Dessert was a mixed berry crisp for the adults, which was good, but raspberry seeds irritate me! LOL! The kid's dessert looked tastier...an Oreo Mickey mousse. I stole a taste...very good!

Adult dessert- Berry Cobbler

Kid's dessert- Oreo Mickey Mousse!

Kringla Bakery Og Kafe
Finally got to try this yummy bakery. I had the Viking Chocolate Mousse. It was very tasty! And it was very cute!

Le Cellier 
5/07: Been a while since we've eaten here, but I will include my review anyway. It was FANTASTIC!! Hubby has been wanting to go back, but it just never happened. And now that dinner is 2 dining plan credits, not sure if/when it will happen. But our first visit was lunch, so perhaps we'll do that again, since I think lunch is still 1 credit. I had some kind of steak sandwich (nothing on the current menu sounds right) and hubby had a steak. At the time, the dining plan still included an appetizer and we both had the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, so so good! And the pretzel rolls were great! I think I had a Creme Brulee sampler for dessert (again, no longer on the menu) and I think hubby had the whiskey cake, which I'm sure was good!

Liberty Inn
12/6/10: We had never eaten here as a family before. Once we grabbed a meal for our daughter while hubby and me dined on Food and Wine Festival offerings. Another time, hubby grabbed a sandwich while I ate at another World Showcase eatery. It's hard for us to find a place in World Showcase that appeals to all of us, so we decided to give this place a try, even though the menu looked simplistic. Hubby and I tried a special burger with bacon, ham and gouda. VERY tasty! For dessert he had a Rocky Road Brownie Mousse, which was very good. And I had an apple dumpling which was also very good. We were extremely happy with our meals there, having had low expectations!

3/6/11: Ate here again for my mother/daughter trip for my daughter's bday! I went with the pulled pork this time with coleslaw. Both were quite tasty! I was surprised...didn't expect much from the pork. And I had to have my apple dumpling too!

Apple dumpling- so yummy!
Margarita Stand (Mexico Pavilion)
These margaritas are fantastic!! Usually I am not a frozen margarita fan, but these are so tasty and in the Florida heat, it usually melts fast anyway. I usually get the Fiesta Margarita..I like the variety!

Fiesta Margarita
Sunshine Seasons
12/4/10: This is usually where we eat on one of our Epcot days. This time I got the Rotisserie Chicken. I've had it before and liked it, even though it's a bit greasy. I had the rice pilaf, which was FAB, and beans. Hubby had the Turkey and Monterrey Jack Cheese on Foccacia- said it was good. We both had the Chocolate Mousse Cake and it was good too. Our daughter had the rotisserie chicken leg kids meal with rice and she liked it.

11/29/12: Ate here again and had some really awesome things! New items to the menu meant yummy new lunches for us! I had the Bahn Mi sandwich- just amazing!!! It came with a cold noodle salad that I didn't really like. It had an Asian type sauce and just wasn't something I liked cold. Warm, it would have been great. I think hubby had the Mongolian beef meal, but I really can't remember. Whatever he had, he loved it, but was jealous of my sandwich. My daughter had the sweet n sour chicken kids meal and liked it. Wasn't sure what to get our son, so I was so happy to see Uncrustables! He can be picky sometimes. Dessert was a yummy chocolate cake for me and creme brulee for hubby.

Bahn Mi sandwich!

Kids chicken


Tangierine Cafe 
No one else in my family likes Mediterranean cuisine, so this one I can only do when I'm solo!  The chicken wrap I had has been taken off the menu since I was there :( It was awesome so I'm sad. But the lentil salad and cous cous that came with it were really good too.

Teppan Edo
11/29/12: We've been waiting to do this one until our son was old enough to sit and really enjoy it. He was 4, almost 5 for this trip, so we thought it was time. And he adored it!! Both kids did! The show was really fun and we had a great chef. The food was really good too. Hubby and I both had the chicken and steak combo and the kids had chicken. Everything was really tasty, though I expected there to be a greater variety of veggies than just onions and zucchini. Hubby had the Ginger chocolate cake for dessert and that was really good. I went with the Green Tea pudding and was pretty underwhelmed :(

Veggies cooking! Onion volcano!

Sizzling meat :)

My pudding...kinda looked like flan.

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