Dining Reviews: Disney Springs

Earl of Sandwich
Great little place for sandwiches. Tons of options! The prices are good, so this is a great place to go if you need a meal but need to pay out of pocket. Not a good use of a dining plan credit.

Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop
I've only had hot chocolate there, but man, is it good! Sea Salt Caramel! MMMM!

12/7/10: Our daughter had been wanting to eat here since it opened a few years ag. It was always a "no" as we do the Disney Dining Plan and T-Rex is not a participating restaurant. But this trip, since we did Hoop Dee Doo Revue, (a 2-credit meal) we were short a credit for dinner one night. So, since we had to pay out of pocket anyway, we decided to try it. The inside was very very cool.It is owned by Rainforest Cafe, so there were lots of animatronic dinosaurs. And every 20 minutes there was a meteor shower...very cool (just flashing lights and rumbling). We were seated in the main room, which was a tight squeeze. Table were very close together. The ice age room looked cool, we watched the colors change. For dinner, hubby and I were kinda stuffed (we'd drank large hot chocolates form Ghiradelli's not long before) so we just ordered the appetizer sampler platter. It was just okay. Definitely not the quality of food we've come to expect in Disney, but since it's not a Disney owned and operated restaurant, we understand. Kids had pizza and mini corn dog nuggets. They seemed happy. We skipped dessert, as this was an out of pocket meal, but they did sound good. Afterward, we let the kids do the Build-a-Dinosaur, which is through Build-a-Bear, so they are quality stuffed animals. Not sure if we'll dine here again.

Wolfgang Puck Express
10/5/09: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! And it's probably the best use of a dining plan counter service credit on property. The meals are not exactly cheap, and even though you order at a counter, they give you a number and bring your food to you. even will refill your drinks for you! I had a chicken aoili pocket... YUM! Two overstuffed pita halves! Hubby had the chicken tortilla flatbread...he liked it! Chips that came with them were very good...homemade. Kids both had the cheese quesadilla. For dessert, hubby and I both had creme brulee and I was surprised that we were allowed to get it. Last time we dined there, dessert on the dining plan was only a pre-packaged cookie or brownie. Creme brulee wasn't the best I've ever had though. Kids was allowed to have frozen yogurt...our daughter got choc/van swirl and even got Reese's pieces on top.

12/2/12: Ate here again and had another lovely meal. Hubby and I shared a meatball pizza and the mac n cheese. Pizza was just so-so. I wish they would have either made the meatballs smaller or maybe sliced them or something. Too big for a pizza. Mac n cheese was tasty! I had the vanilla bean cheesecake and it surprisingly came with strawberry sauce on it. Loved it! So good.

Meatball pizza and mac n cheese.

BBQ Chick Pizza!

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