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One of the main reasons anyone visits Disney World is for the parks! But these parks are nothing like any other typical amusement park! Yes, they both have rides, but all those other parks don't have the quality, artistry, or story-telling, that Disney World has! Disney is special and until you've actually experienced it for yourself, it is kind of hard to understand!

The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was the first park opened in Florida in October of 1971. Most people will tell you it is their favorite (it's mine!) because it encompasses everything that is Disney. It's just magical.

The Magic Kingdom has 7 lands, all radiating off of a main hub.

Main Street USA is what you'll see first, as you enter the park. It resembles the town that Walt Disney grew up in. Small and quaint, full of American pride. Catch the Walt Disney Railroad here or browse the many shops along it's sidewalks.

Enter Fantasyland through Cinderella's Castle, at the end of Main Street, USA. It's the most magical land in the Magic Kingdom, full of fun and whimsy. Visit with Winnie the Pooh and take a whirl on Cinderella's Carousel or the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. Fly through the air with Peter Pan and Dumbo, watch Mickey's Philharmagic show, and travel the world on it's a small world. And if you want something a bit scary, travel into Snow White's world.

Tomorrowland shows us what Walt Disney thought the world could be like someday. Everything has a futuristic vibe to it! My favorite is the Carousel of Progress! Blast off into space on Space Mountain or zoom around on Astro Orbitor. Step into Stitch's word or into the monster world for some laughs.

To be continued....

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